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Our Mission: To prevent human trafficking by mentoring vulnerable youth to create a life of Freedom, Dignity, and Purpose.

In Haiti, kids age out of the adoption process at 16 years old. Without guidance and training these youth are often unprepared for life on their own, putting them at an increased risk of being vulnerable to human trafficking. Our Transition Program is designed to help the youth prepare to leave the orphanage. We’ve identified 5 areas of focus that are crucial in setting these kids up for success in creating a future free from exploitation.










The 5 Pillars of our Transition Program:



a trusted counselor or guide: Each youth is matched with a mentor from their own community who is dedicated to their success. They meet weekly to track personal goals, make commitments, and report back on individual progress within the program.  Because we only hire Haitian mentors for our program the impact of your donation not only ripples through the lives of the youth in transition but through the lives of the mentors and their families as well.


One of the top factors in the risk of exploitation is the lack of family and/or community.  For this reason, we work to establish connections for these youth either with extended family where possible, foster families in some cases, or independent living.  Connection and community work to help keep these kids safe as they now have a network to reach out to as needs arise.  


Because every child is different educational paths can take on a different look but all add to the opportunities available as these youth age out on their own.  Whether it be classical school, mentoring in Life Skills, Vocational Training, or Entrepreneurial Projects, providing education is like opening a door and showing them what else is possible for their lives

Mental Health

Our goal is for the youth to have a clear understanding of their choice in responding to the events in their lives as well as resources to heal from trauma.   When the youth understand that they can break through barriers that would typically impede their future, they begin to see that they can be successful, no matter their circumstance.



Every youth in our program is encouraged to find a service opportunity within their realm and to think outside of themselves.  It's empowering to empower others.  We begin to see that we do have something to offer and together we rise.

5 Pillars
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