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The story behind our Larimar

Larimar stones are only found on the island of Hispaniola, shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Cut and polished they are quite valuable.  The smaller, rougher pieces however are often cast off where they flow downstream.  After being tumbled by the elements they become smoothed and are each uniquely beautiful.  Along the beach they are once again gathered by children that sell them to tourists to provide for themselves.  


Our transition program works to prevent human trafficking by providing youth that are aging out of the orphanage in Haiti with a mentor in life skills, vocational training and entrepreneurial projects: empowering them to create a life of Freedom, Dignity, and Purpose.  


We purchase the raw Larimar so that the youth in our program can make jewelry as another way to provide for themselves as they age out of the orphanage.  These youth are absolutely beautiful and full of potential, just like these individual stones.  

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