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Our First Trip to Haiti

Steve and I immediately listed and sold our home along with 80% of our belongings. We also re-homed our horse, goats, chickens, and cat. Our beloved dog Sammy was too old and sick to make the move and the day after we said goodbye to our home we said goodbye to him.

Of all the things we gave up to go, he and the view are the things I miss the most. The rest was just stuff!

We put the rest of our things in storage and moved into my Dad’s 5th wheel while awaiting our departure in June.

We decided to first spent a week in Haiti to make contacts and determine what we would be doing. While there we were asked to:

  1. Help build and organize files for the children at a specific orphanage

  2. Teach English

  3. Teach Music

Upon returning home from that initial trip we bought a one way ticket to go back, this time with our two teenage daughters.

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