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Empowering the One is Born

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

After 2 months of service and living in the orphanage, we knew it was time to go home. We also knew we would be back.

Our time at the orphanage opened our eyes. We have spent the last year building Empowering the One and a transition program to teach the children:

  • life skills

  • vocational training

  • entrepreneurial projects

All to help these children prepare to live a life free from exploitation.

We are now ready to return to Haiti to meet with the kids that will be involved in our program and get them started. We’ll have to take one step at a time, but each step brings them closer to being prepared to one day leave the orphanage.

Our goals for this trip are:

  1. To put stewardships in place that will help them to learn life skills such as cooking, baking, gardening, and caring for animals.

  2. We will be matching the kids with mentors from their own community as well. It’s important that the mentors are Haitian so that the kids have role models and resources in their own culture.

  3. We’ll also be identifying other local mentors that can teach vocational skills and oversee entrepreneurial projects as we move forward.

The biggest thing we’ll be doing on this first trip back is LEARNING. We want to make sure that what we are doing is effective and we may have to make changes along the way.

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