Every Kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.

-Josh Shipp

The power of a mentor

The power of a mentor

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Moroni Charles

Program Director


Moroni Charles lives in Port-au-Prince with his wife and three daughters. He is no stranger to the challenges of growing up in humble circumstances, and learned the value of mentorship through important guides that helped him in his own life. He now focuses on serving and teaching others so they, too, learn to grow through adversity. 

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Frida Marie Don Charlemagne


Frida is a mother of four and teaches bible classes for the youth in her church.  She is a powerful voice and leader in her community.

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Luc-Herby Issac


Luc-Herby is a musician, and an accomplished pianist. In addition to his mentoring, he is also teaching English classes to the youth in the program empowering them to have better employment opportunities.

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Alexis Monlourde Villiers


Alexis is an entrepreneur and runs a catering business along with her husband.  Together, they also teach a business class for the youth in our program.

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Robed Michel


Robed is a student of technology at the University in PaP.  The time he spends mentoring the young men has helped them pass critical final exams in school.