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 Each youth in our program desires the opportunity to work with a caring mentor that will teach them valuable life and leadership skills. For $20 you can provide one youth with a mentor for a month. 

Vocational training opens the door to creating a more self reliant future. With your help the youth in our program can also have the opportunity to learn a trade by enrolling in local classes such as sewing, business computers, animal husbandry, and cosmetology.

Entrepreneurial kits provide the youth opportunities to learn business skills  that they can use to become more self sufficient.  For just $50 you can provide business training and a entrepreneurial kit to one youth in the program. 

Young Women

sex-ed class

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Opening the door to future possibilities

Sexual education is key to help prevent underage pregnancy by challenging false traditions that perpetuate a cycle of poverty and abuse. As the young women learn more about their bodies, they are more likely to protect themselves and continue their education. A monthly donation of $10 allows one Young Woman in our program to attend sexual education class each month. 

Service is one of the 5 pillars in our Transition Program. The youth are asked to identify and then lead out on service projects. Will you donate toward our next service project?  Just $5 or $10 adds up and makes a difference! 

Providing a birth certificate for a youth aging out of the orphanage opens doors to further education, vocational training, and other opportunities.  More importantly, it helps to provide a sense of identity as their mind opens up to future opportunities that weren't available before.  For $100 you can make this possible for one of our youth! 

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