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 Empowering youth at risk of human trafficking to create a life of freedom,

dignity, and purpose

Sponsor our youth

Your support can open a door for youth to receive the education and training they deserve. By becoming a Monthly Sponsor in our Transition Program you can help provide weekly mentoring in essential life skills, vocational training, and entrepreneurial projects, giving them the tools they need to create a life free from exploitation

Give the gift of giving

Empowering the One is always looking for eager volunteers to help us with our day-to-day functions, special events, and fundraisers. Your help is key to building sustainable futures for our youth. We welcome volunteers of all ages, skillsets, and are eager to craft internships for your college's needs. We currently are seeking Social Media and Website managers, and board members.

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-brittany H.

-Dana R.

-Hannnah c.

-Chris r.

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“What I love about Empowering the One is that everything is done in collaboration with the Haitian people, who have a much greater concept of what they need to be successful in their culture than anyone else could. This program does exactly what the name implies, empowers individuals. It doesn't hand them tools and resources, it helps them discover their own. The ripple effect will be astonishing.”

“The reason I wanted to get involved is because I love the model of empowerment. They are not prescribing solutions but simply providing the resources and opportunities so they can find their own solutions.”

“My time in Haiti with Empowering The One was life changing. The kids in this program are wonderful teens who are going to change the world. I love that this program lets the kids lead in community service opportunities and we are there to assist them and not the other way around. This is truly a program that I feel blessed to support.”

The idea is to teach people to fish and not just give them fish. The youth becoming self reliant through education makes a brighter future become a reality. How many people are you really helping by starting with one individual? You can't limit how many people that individual will help in the future because of the upward mobility you gave them with education. Empowering the One program is amazing, where the Haitian people are helping each other, with no out sourcing.

Get involved in the prevention and aftercare of Human Trafficking to help create A lasting impact

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